Play It Cool This Weekend Reading List

Featuring: a eulogy for the late Prodigy, vegan strip clubs beefing with steakhouse strip clubs in Oregon, Valerie Castille's righteous anger, a spotlight on Marhershala Ali, and what it means to wear a white tee in this country. 

By Wallace Mack

White Tee

Melvin Backman 

A brief history of the white tee that explores its origins as a fashion statement, its criminalization and its status as a uniform of fatality. What it means to wear a white tee in this country— from the leisure to the burden. 

On The Vital And Audacious Rage Of Valerie Castille, The Newest Member Of The “Fucked Up Mother's Club

Danielle Butler, MTV News 

Danielle Butler discusses the righteous anger of Valerie Castille, and her position as the newest member of a legacy club of mothers who have lost their children to police violence. She pushes back on the idea that grieving families should be rushed to forgiveness and makes the case for why it has been so important for Valerie Castille to take off the mask— not just for the public, but for herself. 

Inside the Insane Feud Between a Vegan Strip Club and the Steak House Next Door

Natalie O'Neill, Broadly

I'm not going to lie, this is probably one of the weirdest things I ever read but I was LOLing like shit and ended up picking a side in the end. 

Mahershala Ali Thinks We Can Still Make this Country Great

Carvell Wallace, GQ

Carvell Wallace's debut piece in GQ just so happens to be a profile of the magnificent Mahershala Ali. The photos are amazing and the writing is even better, as Wallace finds many points of tension in Ali's life and beautifully weaves them into the narrative. 

Prodigy And The America That Raised Him

Kevin Powell, NPR

A beautiful eulogy to recently and dearly departed Prodigy, that places him in the historical context of the America he grew up and died in. 

We're apparently entering a new moon right now, so protect your energy folks. Have a great weekend!