Play It Cool This Weekend Reading List

Featuring: a profile on a very deserving black art writer, all skin folks not being kin folks, a Destiny's Child deep dive, words from Toni Morrison to live by, and comments from a living swag queen. 

By Wallace Mack

Brief: Antwaun Sargent

Justen Le Roy, SON

I tend to follow writers as opposed to publications because I've come to expect consistency more in individuals. Antwaun Sargent is one of my favorite contemporary writers and I rather enjoyed this piece that profiled the man behind the words. A quote from the interview: "The reason any work of art has any power is because it speaks to the everyday in ways that are sometimes beyond words. I wanted to make sure my writing is focused on the audience who might not know who Carrie Mae Weems is but might identify with her work. Now, this year I have written essays and texts for museums and artist catalogues, because that’s important, but the reason I write is to engage the public, the black public in particular, in a real way."

When Black Bodies Become Agents of White Supremacy

Da’shaun Harrison, Zine 

A look at the ways that Black people can be complicit in the system of white supremacy, specifically as it relates to politics. Bakari Sellers is called out relentlessly in this piece, but I encourage readers to not limit their understanding of this concept to him alone. As we approach local election season, we should be growing ever more critical of the pundits the machine is putting in front of us. 

Destiny's Chirren: How DC4's 'The Writing's on the Wall' is an Ode to Sisterhood

Toi Bly, The Neue

Are you tired of white girls from Wisconsin writing all in the blogs about your favorite childhood divas? Check out this look back at the iconic legacy that is Destiny's Child, written by a black girl that actually lived and breathed that era. While well researched and thorough in presentation, this piece also manages to remain culturally relevant, nostalgic and hopeful. No one writes better about black girls than black girls. :) 

The Work You Do, The Person You Are

Toni Morrison, The New Yorker

No one should have to coax you into reading anything that Toni Morrison writes, so go read this if you choose or settle with being a loser if not. If you're a 20 something like me that's not thrilled about your work life, you might find it encouraging along your journey. 

Speaking With the Woman Who Wore the Infamous Dapper Dan Coat

Lindsay Peoples, The Cut

The internet has really been digging in Gucci's ass this week, and rightfully so. There's an abundance of reporting that involves direct quotes from Dapper Dan, but I loved that this piece sought out the actual woman that was photographed in the iconic piece ripped off for Gucci Cruise 2018. "It makes me feel good to say I was part of his history; and it feels good to know that, besides being part of the track-and-field history as a black woman who still holds world records, I’m also part of a fashion statement that was made back then that’s still relevant."